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Being stuck at home due to Covid-19 is an excellent time to improve your search engine optimization skills.
The following seven learning sites offer, collectively, 13 free SEO courses. Some include free certificates of completion to showcase your new skills on LinkedIn or elsewhere.
Coursera’s instructional material — from single courses to master’s degree programs — comes from universities and individuals around the world. Many of the paid courses are available to audit for free, enabling you to download the materials and consume the content without earning a certification. SEO offerings include:
LinkedIn Learning (formerly, offers a one-month free trial. Afterward, the price is $19.99 a month for unlimited access. The 865 SEO-related videos include:
With more than 100,000 paid and free video courses, Udemy has something on just about any topic. This includes more than 600 SEO videos, including:
This free training site from HubSpot, the marketing platform, includes course certifications that integrate with LinkedIn profiles. The instruction applies to any site, with or without HubSpot. Aside from its value as an online learning site, it’s an excellent example of SEO and content marketing.
eMarketing Institute offers free downloadable ebooks paired with free online tests to verify learning. When you pass the test, you’re rewarded with a free certificate.
Other certification courses from eMarketing include ecommerce, blogging, paid search, and content marketing.
Udacity offers free and paid content for developers and technical SEO practitioners.
Udacity also offers a 40-percent discount on premium programs, including its Digital Marketing Nanodegree. The course covers seemingly all aspects of digital marketing — with a single class on SEO — over three months, part-time.
Springboard offers paid online learning and career placement services with a technical focus on design, coding, data science, and analytics. It also offers free “learning paths,” including one for SEO.
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