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I am using XAMPP in Windows.
I have a database named “DB07”.
The DB09 has 9 tables.
This morning I wanted to truncate a table named “table06”.
I accidently did truncate a table named “table07” instead of “table 06” using phpMyAdmin.
There were thousands of records in “table07”.
Now there is no record in “table07”.
Can I resore the all records which were in “table07” with your help?
On the way of trying to restore the records in “table07”
I found the following
There is no “table07” in mysql > backup > mysql > backup.
There is table07.frm and table07.ibd in mysql > data > DB07.
The last modified time of table07.frm is before accidental truncate time.
The last modified time of table07.idb is after accidental truncate time.
Unfortunately, if you have no backup, there’s nothing to restore :frowning:
Simply restore it from your back-up.
You do have a back-up, right?
If you don’t, I’m sure you will always keep one in the future. :wink:
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