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135,000. That’s the number of websites built on Laravel. 

Why the buzz? Laravel is free, open-sourced, and treats security as the most essential feature. 
I know what you’re thinking. 
“I must hire dedicated Laravel developers.”
True and I’m here to help. Here is the ultimate hiring guide for those looking to hire remote Laravel developers. In the next five minutes, you’ll learn:

The benefits of hiring remote Laravel developers
Harvard Business Review conducted a study on the employees of a Chinese travel company; Ctrip. The researchers divided the workforce into two groups — one group worked from the office while the other worked remotely.
After 9 months, the researchers found:
Remote workers are happier and more productive than the ones who work from the office setup. 
When you hire full-time employees, you are limited by the local talent. Not every developer wants to relocate for a job. However, with remote developers, you get access to the talent pool across the globe.  
Create online assignments and interviews to hire the right candidate. 
When a company loses an employee, it can end up spending 250% of the annual salary. The costs include advertising, HR and onboarding processes, and training costs. The solution? Higher retention rates.
That is where hiring remote developers is helpful. Remote developers show higher retention rates than full-time employees. Why? Here are the reasons:
$370 million. That’s how much Nvidia spent to design the company headquarter.
When you hire full-time employees, you must provide them with a workspace and IT infrastructure. However, you won’t need to bear such expenses when hiring remote developers.   
The money saved can do wonders for a startup or for a company trying to keep up with the budget. 
3 factors you must consider before hiring remote Laravel developers

Imagine this scenario. You hired an interior designer. However, you never told them how you want your house to look like. Can you blame the designer for not designing the house the way you want?
The same applies to remote Laravel developers as well. Thus, share a detailed scope of the project with the developer. Include the following details:
The more detailed the brief, the better the developer can work.
Portfolios help you gauge the expertise and experience of the developer. 
You’ll have to choose from two types of developers — niche and multi-niche developers. Niche developers possess deep knowledge about a specific industry. Multi-niche developers know the best design practices. Thus, the developers can apply the same and deliver a vast range of website designs. 
Furthermore, check the previous work records. Check for the following factors:
A developer who’s working on the project from the beginning knows each component of the project. Thus, if any issue pops up later, the developer is the best person to address the same. 
Check with the developer if they are willing to offer post-project support. If they are not, you better find another remote developer. 
5 skills you must look for in remote Laravel developers
JavaScript is the most used cross-site scripting language. However, HTML is essential for any web project.
Thus, hire a remote Laravel developer with a good command over front-end technologies such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.
The developer must have knowledge of NoSQL databases including DynamoDB and MongoDB. 
Furthermore, check if the developer has hands-on experience with SQL databases such as MYSQL and PostgreSQL. 
Laravel is a backend framework. Thus, the developer must be able to configure the backend as per the frontend needs to look. Furthermore, the developer must build structural logic for the database storage as well.
Thus, choose a developer with skills in programming languages such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.
The remote Laravel developer must have advanced skills in API services such as REST and SOAP. Furthermore, check if the developer has a deep understanding of the model-view-controller. This knowledge is crucial because Laravel is built upon the same architecture. 
Furthermore, knowledge of object-oriented programming is an added benefit.
Remote Laravel developers must collaborate with team members and communicate with the clients with ease. Thus, look for the following skills:
3 steps to hire remote Laravel developers

Follow the below steps to get the best results:
3 channels to find remote Laravel developers
Search on the following online job portals to hire the best talents:
Note: the list is in no particular order.
Check on leading social media sites including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. 
Go through the developer’s profile. Check the portfolio, posted content, and testimonials from former clients and employees.
Why would developers be on forum sites? Developers love to resolve queries and check the latest technology trends.
Connect with the developers. The trick is to build a productive relationship first and then convert the relationship into a business partnership.
The more diligent you are, the smoother the hiring process will be
More detail offers clarity. Thus, you will know exactly what you are searching for. In this article, you have learned:
I hope the information will help you in the hiring process.
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