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Patkai, March 22 (MExN): With the announcement of National Education Policy (NEP) in 2020, various stakeholders across country have been undergoing training to work on the framework to be implemented in their respective institutes. 
With this view, two-day virtual workshop “On Curriculum Framework For Implementation Of National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 In Universities, Engineering Colleges And Degree College” was conducted on March 21 and 22.
A press release received here stated that teachers from different departments of Patkai Christian College (Autonomous) participated in the two-day workshop organised by the Institute for Academic Excellence (IAE) in collaboration with Collegiate Education &Technical Education Department, Government of Telangana.
The workshop aimed at guiding Academic leaders and Administrators of Higher Educational Institutions for implementation of NEP 2020, to offer suggestions to enhance the existing practices and knowledge regarding the curriculum framework, with the NEP in context. 
On the inaugural of the workshop, Prof V Ramgopal Rao, IIT Delhi as chief guest spoke on ‘A new and forward-looking vision for India’s Higher Education System.’ 
Prof Rao stressed on incorporating multi-disciplinary in educational offerings, having innovations and entrepreneurship as major drivers, student centric integrated with out of class learning, include curriculum dedicated to social science, ethics, leadership skills, creativity etc among others. 
Dr BN Suresh, Chancellor, Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology, Thiruvananthapuram delivered his lecture on ‘21st century skills for graduates to succeed in Industry 4.0’. Speaking on essential inputs to be considered for defining new skill sets, Dr Suresh said more focus should be laid on research and new technologies to eliminate the present inefficiencies and identifying broader and critical areas of research and emerging new technologies with more focus on practical learning. 
The challenges in designing the curriculum framework in the present context of Education 4.0 – NEP-2020 were discussed by Prof NJ Rao. He said that education need not be limited to back and forth between teacher and students rather incorporate a networked approach with students having exposure to different information sources. 
The second day of the workshop covered curriculum framework from India. Successful curriculum framework models, academic planning for engineering and general degree courses and curricula designing with credit distribution were discussed. 
The workshop gave key insights into  NEP 2020,  emerging areas and the new age courses for knowledge and skill enhancement, best practices in curriculum design and delivery mechanism, capacity building measures for curriculum implementation and  concrete steps to be taken for effective implementation of choice-based credit system (CBCS) confining to NEP 2020.
Management, Principal, Dean, Head of the Department from Engineering Colleges and Degree Colleges, Vice chancellor, Registrar, Rector, Directors and senior Academic Administrators from Universities and other faculties attended the workshop.
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